One of Sharp’s newest clients, COOP Ale Works, makers of SONIC Hard Seltzer, recently announced the expansion of its hard seltzer into six new markets, previously only available in Oklahoma. In addition to this expansion, Sharp was able to announce the hard seltzer’s new format in slim cans, giving seltzer aficionados a true and classic hard seltzer drinking experience.

Sharp was tasked to take this rather small market launch and make it big and splashy. To deliver, the team conducted regional research, built a comprehensive media list and drafted a compelling press release. On the day of launch, Sharp put the release on the wire and conducted a widespread media blitz.

Sharp found great success and was able to secure 24 pieces of regional coverage, not an easy feat, as well as 21 pieces of national coverage, totalling 45 placements on both broadcast and online media outlets. Through these placements, Sharp secured over 1.48B impressions for this initiative with placements on top national outlets such as Adage, Best Products, Forbes, Hypebeast, Mashed and Thrillist, amongst others. Sharp is currently planning the new big market sweep for SONIC Hard Seltzer - with the goal of continuing to gain strong media attention. 

Some of these notable placements include: