The latest launch from our arts & culture team was a work of pure (PR) gold…

Sharp drove the North American publicity for contemporary artist Tim Bengel’s newest artwork: a $3 Million sculpture of an avocado bagel made of gold. Titled, “Who Wants to Live Forever,” the unique sculpture is a symbol of millennial culture. After making its global debut at Berlin Art Week, the piece will be touring around the world--including a stop in the United States at Art Miami this December. 

​​The template of the work is a real avocado bagel, which was 3D scanned and cast in gold. The artwork itself consists of 27 individual golden parts, including a pumpkin bagel cut in half, five tomato slices, ten arugula leaves, five onion rings, and five avocado strips. 

As far as “the world’s most expensive avocado toast” goes, the media ate it up. The team generated widespread coverage in multiple categories, from art & culture to design, lifestyle to food, high-brow to mass consumer--generating more than 1.1 Billion impressions

A few of the standouts: