As a leading philanthropy in the world of healthcare, Jonas Nursing & Veterans Healthcare stepped up to the plate this past year when public misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines was running rampant. With the help of the Sharp team, the organization identified this moment as an opportunity to elevate the voice of its Interim Executive Director, Dr. Stephen Ferrara, to speak the truth about vaccinations and amplify the stories of Jonas Scholar nurses across the country. 

Sharp pitched Dr. Ferrara as a credible source and byline author to healthcare publications. Speaking to an audience of nurses, some of whom were hesitant to take the vaccine themselves, Dr. Ferrara encouraged them to use their influence as the country’s most trusted profession to educate the public and spark positive change in their communities. 

The result: Dr. Ferrara contributed impactful bylines to NEWS-Line for Nurses and AllNurses, and a quote to the National Student Nursing Association’s Imprint magazine, which promoted the importance of vaccination, put fears to rest, and provided helpful resources for nurses and the public in navigating the next phase of the pandemic. A piece by Dr. Ferrara for HealthAffairs is also slated to run in March.