Amidst a competitive landscape in an era of nonstop innovation, Omneky stands out as a first mover and leader in the generative AI space. The AI-driven ad tech platform reimagines advertising to be focused on personalized storytelling across all advertising channels and empowers its customers to harness the power of AI to help grow their businesses. 

To help further the company’s position in the ever-evolving generative AI space,  Sharp was tasked with identifying and creating media opportunities to position Founder and CEO Hikari Senju as a thought leader and forward-thinker to help further establish the company as one to watch. 

To do so, the team crafted a strategy based on the ever evolving newscycle, tapping into Omneky’s key product attributes and unique mission to democratize access to digital advertising tools and to empower human creativity. The team was able to newsjack timely media moments, trends within AI product innovation (ChatGPT, DALL-E, and more), all while focusing on Omneky’s steady stream of new product enhancements. The team crafted thoughtful pitches offering up a wide array of topic areas to ensure Hikari was top of mind for journalists as a go-to resource for all things AI. 

Since the beginning of our engagement, our efforts have resulted in over 1.4B impressions, including: