To celebrate National Candy Month and sustain momentum for the launch of HI-CHEW’s new Bites product, we launched the HI-CHEW Bite-Size Candy Shop, a four day pop-up shop in New York City. 

Our goal was to create the ultimate candy store experience that brought HI-CHEW to life and promoted HI-CHEW Bites in a fun and engaging way, generating brand awareness and encouraging trial. We were able to design a space that not only immersed fans in the brand but also invited them to capture unique content to share with friends and family via our one-of-a-kind summer road trip-themed photo booth. The HI-CHEW Bite Size Candy Shop gave HI-CHEW fanatics and consumers alike the opportunity to purchase fan-favorite flavors, exclusive products and custom merchandise. 

Over the course of the weekend, we had approximately 3,000 shoppers visit the store, many of whom were lining up before retail hours to get a chance to shop. The pop-up even sold out of our exclusive, “hard-to-find” flavors by the third day!

We hosted editors for private media tours including GQ, Vanity Fair, and FoodNavigator USA to showcase the space. To date, our efforts for the launch of HI-CHEW Bites has resulted in over 454 million impressions with placements on Thrillist, Buzzfeed, TrendHunter, Yahoo! Life and more. 

In addition to our media relations efforts, Sharp also activated an influencer marketing campaign in which we collaborated with a range of NYC-based influencers to create wow-worthy content across TikTok and Instagram, reaching a potential 1 million followers.