As part of Sharp’s role in working with the world-renowned orthopedic hospital HSS, we are responsible for  uncovering unique stories that will help demonstrate the innovation, attention to detail, and superior patient care taking place within the organization. Through our due diligence, we identified the incredible work of Aviva Wolff, an occupational hand therapist and clinician scientist at HSS. 

Using advanced motion analysis and technology typically reserved for professional sports or serious movement disorders like Parkinson’s disease, Wolff was treating a highly underserved group of patients: professional musicians. In fact, as many as 90% of professional musicians suffer from an overuse injury due to improper form or bad posture.

Sharp was able to secure a segment with NBC News on the unique and personalized treatment HSS offers for musician patients as well as Wolff’s broader efforts to help establish preventative injury education programs for musicians, similar to the type of programs athletes have access to. The piece included interviews with Wolff, former patient Emily Duncan, and a motion analysis overview of news reporter Akshay Syal, M.D. - an amateur guitar player himself.