Design pros dream at night of getting covered in Elle Decor, a top tier shelter magazine whose editors have incredibly discerning taste.

Sharp knew that for Arteriors, a leader in furniture, lighting and decor, it was the perfect outlet to share the newest collection by guest designer and legendary creative Barry Dixon.

Sharp worked closely with Arteriors and Elle Decor for months to bring the story to life. The process kicked off back at High Point last October, where Barry Dixon and Arteriors connected with Elle Decor editorial leadership at an in-person dinner, with Sharp support and guidance. From there, Sharp coordinated the product loans for the shoot, worked with Barry on talking points and collection inspiration, and advised on timing and exclusivity terms. The result was a full page feature story in the new collection in the April issue, which hit newsstands within a week of the collection launch on the Arteriors website.

What's more, Sharp helped facilitate a panel discussion between Barry Dixon and Elle Decor editor Parker Larson at the CNEXT conference in Mexico. The talk allowed Arteriors to preview Barry's collection to a premium audience of designers a month prior to the launch and the release of the Elle Decor issue.  

Top tier out-of-the-gate coverage was a huge goal of ours when planning for this collection launch, and we're so pleased with how everything came together.

Recently at the Arteriors showroom in Spring High Point Market, we snapped some shots of the Elle Decor feature story sitting atop the Barry Dixon-designed table and chair seen within its pages. Check it out for yourself!