To celebrate National Candy Month, Sharp executed a unique collaboration with NYC-based The Doughnut Project for a limited-edition HI-CHEW doughnut, the Strawberry Squeeze. The doughnut highlighted HI-CHEW’s new Strawberry Lemonade flavor found in the Fruit Combos Stand-Up Mix. 

Sharp worked closely with The Doughnut Project to develop a delicious candy-inspired doughnut that paired perfectly with the immensely fruity, intensely chewy candy brand and dynamic Strawberry Lemonade flavor. The doughnut was available for a limited time and the first 10 customers each day received a free Fruit Combos standup pouch. 

We engaged 10 top-tier editors and foodie influencers including Good Housekeeping, Well + Good, Buzzfeed, Thrillist, Rachael Ray Every Day, to be the first to try the Strawberry Squeeze Doughnut. Sharp secured coverage on HYPEBEAST, TrendHunter, The Nibble and more, generating over 3.3M impressions.