As a follow-up program to Prudential Financial’s 2020 Financial Wellness Census, which explored the subjective and objective financial wellness of Americans since the COVID-19 pandemic began last March, Sharp conceptualized and produced a dynamic digital content series to help bring a major financial wellness theme to life. 

This series, titled “Build Community, Build Resilience,” delved into how communities have come together to form essential mechanisms of support and was hosted by Prudential’s Financial Wellness Advocate and Financial Therapist, Amanda Clayman. At the center of this series was a group of experts, whom Sharp identified and engaged, to speak on behalf of community and financial wellness through the lens of the workplace, social media, and culture. 

Sharp worked with each of the below experts to identify key themes and talking points for each of their interviews. Our team also developed and collaborated on social content to post once the series went live.

At a time when “Zoom fatigue” was at an all time high, what resulted through these efforts was an engaging and more importantly lasting discussion on a topic important to Prudential’s target consumer audiences.