This past fall, plant-based seafood brand, Good Catch, launched their first major food service partnership with fan favorite, Veggie Grill. The news became a major milestone for our PR efforts. But as we sought to drive foot traffic and support for the exclusive offering, the Sharp team also found an opportunity to create a groundswell of attention and word of mouth through a dedicated influencer campaign.

We recruited a collection of west-coast influencers with a focus on sustainability, food, and broad lifestyle appeal. They visited their local Veggie Grill locations, tried the new Good Catch Tuna Melts and shared their experience - along with exclusive promo codes - with their audience. 

The result: more than 150k new views on the product, a more than 6.5% engagement rate, and tons of new product trial. The partnership was such a success that heading into 2021 Veggie Grill decided to make the product a part of their year-round menu! A big win overall.