We're thrilled to announce that Sharp has been engaged by Steelcase, a global leader in office furniture design and manufacturing, for PR and influencer programming!

Steelcase is a global design brand with a 100+ year legacy. Sharp will support Steelcase's growing consumer retail portfolio designed to help people do their very best work. The brand has produced decades of intensive research on ergonomic seating design and materials innovation to develop industry-leading products that are perfect for the home office.

As a thought leader in the world of work, Steelcase has conducted deep analysis on the evolving work-from-home and hybrid business model. Our Sharpies have their own points of view as well: here, the account team shares tips for creating a work-from-home set-up optimized for success!

- Josh - Though I have an at-home work station, I try to move around my apartment throughout the day to create different work environments in various spaces, from the kitchen table to a desk in my living room. This can help stimulate thinking (e.g. my living room has a nice view of the outdoors), and otherwise break up the day with new environments. 

- Allison - In a remote or hybrid environment, I think video calls are really helpful to stay connected. However, some of my favorite spots to work in at home have poor lighting. I recently invested in a clamp-on ring light that has changed the game!

- Kelly - I absolutely love using a paper planner, especially when working from home. While I appreciate having my schedule available on my email calendar, there's something about physically writing down tasks and scheduling dedicated time slots that helps me maintain focus and productivity throughout the day. With the blurred lines between work and personal life in a home environment, having a tangible planner allows me to organize my tasks and prioritize my work effectively. Also, I love physically checking off completed to-do, which motivates me to stay on track.

- Jess - Having a clear desk space is important to me when working from home. I utilize laptop and monitor stands that have multiple shelves to hold all of my essentials: notebooks, to-do lists, calendars, etc. It definitely helps my mind stay clear and focused throughout the work day.

- Lindsay - I have two things that are essential for my work-from-home set-up: a mechanical keyboard and speaker. If you’re not familiar, mechanical keyboards make the most satisfying sound when you type, which I find makes typing a lot more fun! Working remotely can make me feel very isolated so I find having a podcast or instrumental music playing very helpful for my productivity.