At a firm called Sharp Communications, what do we value the most? Well, our ability to communicate, of course! This ability was vindicated recently by our victory in the 2014 Communicator Awards, in which we were able to take home four Awards of Distinction.

Of these four, three awards were in recognition of our work with one of our longest-standing partners: the financial management firm, Bell & Company. Capitalizing on the successes of some of Bell & Company's high-profile clients in Hollywood, we put together a print and direct-mail campaign, which was met with high praise by all who received. The centerpiece of the campaign was Hollywood icon Steven Soderbergh and his success in directing hits Behind the Candelabra and Magic Mike, with his Emmy victory as one of the focuses. Actresses Ana Gasteyer and Melissa Joan Hart were also featured in the campaign, noted for being named the new faces for Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem.

Additionally, we were recognized by the Communicator Awards board for our work on the website for the C-suite consulting firm, G100 Companies. When creating a platform for the target audience of CEOs and high-level executives whose calendars are not for the faint of heart, our challenge was to create a balance of content that is informative, yet easy to digest at the same time. This inspired us to put together a clean, almost-minimalistic website highlighting only the most critical content. This balance proved to be successful, and we are excited to take home the win for this work.

Communication is at the core of our business, and these Communicator Award victories are just the latest chapter in our quest for perfection on this front. Stay tuned to see what comes next!