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"Donald Sultan is a master of texture and form. I am continuously impressed by his use of positive and negative space, not to mention vibrant colors which play off each other in exciting ways. This is especially true for this piece, 12 Colors, which uses his iconic motif."  -  Dale Chihuly

IFPDA Executive Director Jenny Gibbs invited world-renowned artist and Sharp Think client, Dale Chihuly, to explore the immense variety and selection of artworks at the 2020 IFPDA Fine Art Print Fair, also a Sharp Think client, which took place online this Fall 2020. Dale chose 8 works from the fair which he discussed on the fair platform, a partnership between the IFPDA and Artsy.

Best recognized for his monumental glass works, his groundbreaking sculptural concepts often begin in two-dimensional forms, informing his fine art prints. An avid collector, Chihuly surrounds himself with the artwork and ingenuity of fellow artists at The Boathouse, his studio in Seattle and at the family’s home. Reviewing the fair’s selection, Chihuly remarked, "It is a pleasure to see so many artists in this fair who I admire and whose work my wife Leslie and I have in our collection. In work and in life, fellow artists continue to inspire me."