COVID-19 has impacted nearly every aspect of our lives this year. The deadly disease has also put a spotlight on the tremendous disparities in health care resources. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Sharp worked with our client, Promise Fund of Florida and its founder, Nancy Brinker (founder of Susan. G. Komen) to discuss how breast cancer screenings nationwide have sharply fallen this year — and to educate women on the potential long-term impact that will have on survivor success rates. 

While Promise Fund of Florida is a local nonprofit organization, this issue had national ramifications, so the Sharp team prioritized pitching national media, with immediate coverage on CBS News, which was also syndicated on Yahoo News!

Sharp is continuing outreach around all things Breast Cancer Related this month, including the opening of Promise Fund’s new Mammography Screening Center — the first-of-its-kind partnership with a Federally Qualified Healthcare Center (FQHC), helping uninsured and underserved women get the care they desperately need.