When COVID-19 hit, the founders of Fresh Rx, quickly sprung into action. The nonprofit program, which traditionally provides free fruits and vegetables to patients with compromised immune systems, created two food distribution programs to help those most impacted by COVID-19: families in need and first responders. Both programs rely on fundraising to purchase produce from local farms, keeping the small family run farms in business as their traditional revenue streams, such as restaurants and farmer’s markets, remain closed. The fresh, often organic produce, bread and eggs, provide immune-boosting nutrients, which are critically important right now. 

Collectively the two programs, Farm to Family, a partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County, and Farm to First Responders, have raised more than $500,000 and fed more than 30,000 in South Florida -- an area that’s been severely impacted by COVID-19. 

National and local media have reported extensively on the programs. Sharp secured features with the local CBS, NBC, ABC, and CW affiliates, along with national outlets MSN.com, Good Grit, Passionate World Talk Radio and CBS Network Radio

We also encouraged social media influencers to share the news and encourage donations, garnering support from accounts including A.Social.Life, Palm Beach Lately, and AngelaCruzTube.