The COVID-19 pandemic and economic fallout has affected millions of Americans, causing financial anxiety and unnerving life disruptions. Prudential Financial dug deeper into these issues with its 2020 Financial Wellness Census and the results were harrowing, as nearly half of Americans seem to perceive their financial mobility as fixed. 

Sharp was tapped to create awareness around the launch of the Census and bring Prudential to the forefront of the conversation as a thought leader within the financial wellness space. To do so, we executed a strategic media approach and secured an exclusive interview with USA Today. The resulting article was a thoughtful piece on American’s struggle with unemployment delays, weaving in the Census data to explore how these issues are impacting Americans. 

Following the exclusive, the team conducted targeted outreach to personal finance and business reporters that cover the various demographics represented in the Census results, including Black Americans, LGBTQ, Millennials and Caregivers. So far, the team has secured 20 pieces of coverage, totaling over 92 million impressions with hits on Yahoo! Finance, Apartment Therapy, On Top Magazine, The Street and Black Enterprise