A New Plant-Based Brand Takes On The Seafood Industry


Good Catch Plant-Based Seafood was founded on the mission to create products that offer the taste, texture and eating experience of seafood without harming the environment. With this, the team was on a mission to raise consciousness and reduce harm while propelling change through their plant-based alternatives.

Our Solution

In response to the investigation into a popular fast food sandwich shop’s tuna, Good Catch Plant-Based Seafood wanted to motivate consumers to encourage the chain to go #FishFreeForGood. Needing to act quickly, Sharp worked with Good Catch to create the OurWay food van. The pop-up sandwich shop toured the popular fast food locations across New York City and Austin, treating hungry sandwich lovers to free fish-free subs. Sharp executed a national and regional media blitz to spread the word of Good Catch’s craveable plant-based seafood and prove there is nothing fishy going on when it comes to its 100% fish-free tuna.
Sharp secured coverage on Adweek, Business Insider, HYPEBEAST, Mashed, MSN, Trendhunter, Vegnews and Yahoo! Finance, amongst others, garnering over 200M media impressions. The team also conducted sandwich drops to top-tier editors including Thrillist, Rachael Ray in Season and Buzzfeed.
To build on-the-ground excitement, Sharp worked with local influencers in both markets to generate content about the OurWay food van. 18 influencers joined in on the #FishFreeForGood activation, generating over 50 posts and stories to build online buzz and encourage locals to stop by.

The REsults

National recognition (including a cease and desist!) and widespread recognition, ensured that the challenger brand truly made a mark.
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