Owning the Outdoor Living Conversation


Industry pioneer Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens has defined premium outdoor kitchen design as we know it today. To showcase their design expertise, we conceptualized and created the Brown Jordan Outdoor Living Report – a deep dive into consumers’ preferences in the fast-growing outdoor living space.

Our Solution

While Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens’ parent company, Danver, was among the very first to manufacture stainless steel outdoor kitchen cabinets, the brand had long flown under the industry’s radar. In partnership with trusted market research company The Harris Poll, we surveyed homeowners across the country to understand what matters most in outdoor living spaces. This data, combined with insights from influential designers and executive leadership, became The Outdoor Living Report – positioning the brand as an industry luminary at the forefront of design, color, durability, and sustainability.
With the evolving media landscape in mind, we used virtual desksides to preview the Report’s findings to top tier media ahead of its release.
From there, we launched the report at the International Builders’ Show, providing a timely moment in the industry to reveal the Report’s findings far and wide.

The REsults

Now in its third iteration, the biannual report has become a trusted and highly anticipated resource for media, garnering more than 68 placements and 217 million impressions (and counting!) in publications like FORBES, ELLE Decor, DOMINO, Realtor.com, Business of Home, BUILDER, and more. What’s more: It also serves as a valuable lead generator and content resource for the brand’s social media channels.
Proactive Placements