Creating a healthier home through responsible product promotion


Kohler Co., the world leader in kitchen and bath products, is always at the forefront of technology and innovation in helping Americans reimagine their at-home experience. Given today’s health concerns around the safety of our physical environments, Kohler has a unique story to tell. But there is a fine line between being perceived as supportive versus opportunistic in today's charged media landscape.

Our Solution

Sharp employs an ongoing, strategic, and proactive media outreach strategy to drive awareness for Kohler’s state-of-the-art intelligent kitchen and bathroom products. To support these education efforts, Sharp leans on intel from various sources -- including internal data, expert insight from Kohler’s opinion leaders, trend analysis, and more. Notably, Sharp developed and facilitated a poll revealing that more than half of Americans are interested in adding technology features to the bathrooms in their current home. Through long-held relationships with key media outlets, Sharp shared the news with journalists alongside timely and relevant products, yielding tremendous exposure for Kohler.
Our outreach spans media categories from home & design publications, to lifestyle and general news, offering a wide variety of exposure in unexpected outlets.

The REsults

To date, we've secured coverage in all leading verticals including education on the best bidet seats in AskMen and Good Housekeeping; features on motion and voice-activated kitchen faucets in House Beautiful and Domino; simple kitchen upgrades in Forbes and many more.
Product Stories
Media Impressions