Peter Frank



When it comes down to it, Peter has chops – financial, musical, educational, and historical.

Sounds complicated but it’s really not… at least for him. Peter runs our Finance Department like he plays his guitars — with accuracy, fluidity, and composure, handling key tasks like quarterly P&L forecasting, AR & AP, banking and insurance as well as assessing overall operational enhancements. He comes to us well qualified educationally speaking with BS, MBA and CPA, degrees and professionally with experience at major brands like IBM, Mastercard, and Digitas where he mastered financial operations. Aside from his musical talents, Peter is a major history buff, especially military history, so he’s good in the trenches, and he’s a big OO7 fan, which also bodes well on the intelligence front. So there you have Peter, a man of many talents, pursuits, and passions. Perhaps his proclaimed musical tastes say it all given a range from Mozart to Van Halen… serious chops, indeed.