Laura Mortensen




“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”

Fitting words for Laura—strategist, digital media pro, and liberal arts major. Though her attributes may seem unique in this day and age, they create the perfect blend to lead an agency like Sharp Think.

Laura joined the company in 2011 to establish the firm’s social media practice, which in turn launched her Sharp career and rise to president just six years later. During this time, she focused on directing communications for many of the agency’s largest clients. In her role as president, Laura manages client relations and agency operations, all while bringing a keen understanding of digital channels.

After graduating from Georgetown University, Laura started her career in PR before transitioning to social media when things were starting to heat up for big brands. Her CV boasts Ogilvy PR and MWW, where she handled digital programs for leading brands in luxury, lifestyle, and consumer categories.

Outside of her Brooklyn home, you can catch Laura taking quiet walks on Shelter Island in the summer and not so quiet runs down the North Face at Mount Snow in the winter. Having the best of both worlds seems to be a common theme here.