Jim Brodsky




As Founder and CEO of Sharp Think, Jim keeps the show on the road by ensuring the agency’s ongoing growth and expansion in New York and Florida.

With his laser-like focus on the advancement of Sharp, Jim maintains critical relationships with clients, media heavyweights, and industry influencers. It is a talent he clearly excels in, as evidenced by the success of the company.

A graduate from Brown University in 1990, he began his career at Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising where he cut his teeth developing numerous campaigns for leading packaged goods brands. He eventually moved to the PR side and created award-winning programs in the fashion and lifestyle categories before starting Sharp in 2000. Jim has steered the agency to specialize in several passion-point categories including fine arts, architecture and design, food and beverage, the luxury sector, travel and hospitality, and philanthropy. There’s a reason he is often asked to share his opinions, predictions, and insights at industry talks, trade shows, forums, and thought leadership events.

Jim’s original mission for Sharp (coined after his middle name and his mother’s maiden name) was to promote best-in-class brands and help them engage with qualified and passionate target audiences. It is a mission that still holds true today.

When he’s not at our Sharp offices in New York City or West Palm Beach, he can be found cooking and entertaining friends and family at his weekend home in Hudson, NY.