Jessica Ventura

VP, PR Account Director



It must be nice to love what you do, which is exactly the case with Jess Ventura, who leads our Food, Beverage & Wellness team here at Sharp.

She is passionate when it comes to food, wine, smoothies, and fitness; and we rely on her expertise when it comes to the next big trends in the food space to keep our clients ahead of the curve. As far as fitness is concerned, she believes it is essential, even if it is primarily because of her obsession with tasting menus (her idea of going to the theater). Here at Sharp, Jess oversees a team of food experts and enthusiasts who are constantly coming up with the most strategic and creative ways to keep our clients in the know. It helps that her team’s demographic profile matches our clients’ desired target audience (by that, we, of course, mean millennials). She has become a self-proclaimed podcast junkie, thanks to her semi-decent commute from Brooklyn, and listens to two to three a day. Her go-to cocktail is a Negroni when she gets home, because it’s good to love what you do, isn’t it?