Magda Grigorian

VP, PR Account Director



They say Public Relations is an art form rooted in psychology, which clearly explains Magda’s impressive CV and many accomplishments to date.

Maybe it was coming from a family of psychiatrists and psychoanalysts combined with her lifelong love of art that give her a very unique skill set that serves her well here at Sharp Communications. Magda oversees our portfolio of arts & culture clients where she manages strategic communications, global partnerships, and media relations as well as a nimble team of publicists. Her work history is long and impressive including exceptional experiences at Haughton International Art and Antique Fairs, Sotheby’s (two tours of duty) and Evins Communications. Let’s just say she knows the world of art and the world of art knows her; from editors and fair organizers, to dealers and auction houses, she’s got it covered. Hypersensitive to the importance of design and lighting, she has been known to travel with her own light bulbs and move furniture around hotel rooms to capture the right aesthetic. Now that really is an art form grounded in psychology.