Gina DeCandia

EVP, PR Group Director



What do fine cuisine, the beach, and TV all have in common?

The answer is Gina, our Public Relations Group Director extraordinaire. And what do wellness, food, beverage, home, and design all have in common? I think you catch the drift here… With significant expertise across these categories and more, Gina leads dedicated teams of talented media strategists and specialists while delivering real results for our clients on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Like any good architect (or top chef!), she helps her clients and teams navigate complex challenges by identifying and capitalizing on new opportunities and trends. As if that weren’t enough, she hails from renowned blue-chip agencies like Edelman, Devries, and Ogilvy, and brands like Barilla, Heinz, Pepsi, and Kraft (nice pedigree!).  

On the lighter side of things, Gina is unapologetic about loving large doses of TV/double features and reading lots of books, which she now admits to actually finishing. Yes, chalk up "exceedingly transparent" as another attribute. Oh, and she also loves to bake a mean cupcake, travel to unique destinations, and is always game for live music. That sounds like a recipe we can all sing and dance to.