The Millennium Crash a Decade+ Later

by Sharp | September 15, 2011

So our Internet connection, which is provided by Time Warner Cable, went down the other day for an extended spell and we were virtually paralyzed as a result.  As I said to the Agency “well how often does your cable television work?  I couldn’t watch the True Blood finale on Time Warner “On Demand Some of the Time” – “Try Back Later it said.”  To add insult to injury the Internet was not up the following day later and then our phone system (land line) went down leaving us to our PDA’s and Starbucks WIFI.  You would have initially thought it was the Millennium (not Millennial) Crisis coming to haunt us 11 years later.

So what does one do in such a situation aside from considering a T1?  How about this, sit back and think on things.  When was the last time you thought about your Client’s business, not necessarily their immediate needs today, tomorrow or next week, but in six months, 1 year, 3 years?  How about that pending RFP due in 4 weeks, what can you do to think about how you can really distinguish and differentiate your firm versus the others?  On the subject of the firm what have you done lately to market your Agency or even yourself for that matter?  There simply seems to never be enough time for this kind of thought, reflection or more so collaboration amongst colleagues face to face without any constant distractions.


“But without the Internet we can’t do anything, get the news, communicate even look up the definition of a word.”   My answer?  Come in my office use my Miriam Webster’s Third Edition Dictionary, and maybe read a chapter of a book by David Ogilvy, Al Ries & Jack Trout or John Steele.  c So what you might surmise from all this was, yes, I was “happy as a clam” as my mother used to say, sitting, reading, thinking, taking notes and batting around ideas with colleagues.  I made more progress in 3 hours than I had in 3 weeks.  Then guess what happened?  I heard a ping from my iMac and all hell broke loose again.

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