Sharp Style: Fall Trends Forecast

by Sharp | September 23, 2016

One of the most fun (and most challenging!) parts about working within an industry like home and design is keeping our finger on the pulse of what’s new and trending. There are some staples, like the all white kitchen, that will never let us down, but it’s important that Sharpies keep a keen eye out for the hottest up-and-coming looks for us to capitalize on when pitching stories. Equally as important is paying attention to trends on the decline.

To that end we’ve pulled a few trends for this coming Fall/Winter season that we anticipate being on the rise, sustaining momentum, and losing steam this year.

Rising Trend: Iridescent 

Image via Architectural Digest


Image via Architectural Digest

Sometimes you come across a “trend” that you know is going to embody the word, and this is one of our favorite examples. Iridescent finishes are absolutely not a look that we see being a lasting element, but sometimes it’s incredibly fun to lean into a look that’s so unique and eye-catching… even just for a moment. We might not recommend iridescent countertops, but we can’t wait to see how this finish manifests in accessories for the home.

Sustaining Trend: Marble and marble-look

Image via

Let’s face it. Calling marble a trend is a bit of a stretch. White carrara and calacatta has been around as a top luxury product for kitchens and baths as far back as someone figured out how to make it into slabs. But there’s no denying the staying power of a beautiful marble countertop.

That being said we think that the refresh of marble-look and other stone look finishes, particularly in products that have adapted them to be extremely durable, like our clients Cosentino has done with Dekton, are an exciting take on a trend that’s not going anywhere.

Declining Trend: The Open Concept Kitchen


A few years ago kitchen design trends suddenly broke down the barriers – literally – and began to usher in the era of the open kitchen. The appeal of a “great room” where day-to-day activities flow smoothly from kitchen to living area and back is attractive for many reasons, but we’ve recently seen a decline in popularity for this trend.

Perhaps it’s due to a renewed interest in the butler’s pantry and its storied history, or maybe home owners are simply realizing that an open kitchen is a surefire way for guests to see all of their mess (yikes!) but separated kitchens may be catching ups again, and we’re not totally mad about it.

Think you know your trends? Let us know your favorite new design trends in the comments!

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