Open Graph Apps and Real Time Data

by Sharp | January 19, 2012

I received an email this morning from that caught my eye and reminded me of all that’s to come in the world of automatic data-sharing and social commerce. Facebook App

Yesterday Facebook announced a new set of Open Graph apps that continue to build on Timeline and offer companies the ability to help users share online and offline activity automatically.

One comment that sums up the typical reaction to most big changes within Facebook states:

“This new release is an effort to decrease the friction in sharing, but it will be seen by most users as intrusive for two months before everyone decides they can’t live without it.”

As a reminder, the apps are designed to help Facebook users discover what your friends are doing – everything from what they’re reading to what shows they watched to what using they listened to.  In the past few months we’ve seen Spotify probably as the biggest example of this, as news feeds fill with play lists and songs from our friends.

New partners added yesterday include Pinterest, TripAdvisor and more (about 60 new partners were announced).  Foodspotting provided a nice overview of how their app will work and talked about benefits, such as:

  • The app lives in a contained box within Timeline, so that it doesn’t take over the newsfeed
  • Clicking on the box opens up a more in-depth experience in which users can show off all their activities within Foodspotting – their action words “want” “try” and “love” help categorize experience and customize what they are sharing.

Foodspotting Facebook App

No matter how you feel about sharing your every move with your friends on Facebook, these new applications and their adoption will definitely be worth watching in coming months.

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