Oops! PR mishap gives us a rare glimpse into the Mayor’s private digs

by Sharp | September 20, 2011

At Sharp we are passionate about design and among our list of favorite interior decorators is Jamie Drake.  Known for his bold use of vibrant color, the rooms he creates are downright fabulous. Which is why we reveled in delight to see images from the private residence of one of his most high-profile clients in the New York Times. Not just any client, but our very own Mayor Bloomberg (we heart Mike too). As the story reveals though, the photos which were online at Mr. Drake’s website were removed, without explanation, on Monday afternoon.

Now forgive me for getting back to basics but PR 101 people, always get approval from the client! To date neither party has commented or issued a statement, which in this instance I think is best practice. It will be forgotten about with tomorrow’s news.

Just goes to show that even the real design pros make small faux pas every now again. But how lucky for the rest of us that we got a rare glimpse into Mike’s private quarters, even if only for a short time. And congrats to Jamie Drake on a stunning blend of lavish, old world English Regency style. So chic.

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