More Facebook Updates: NY Advertising Week

by Sharp | October 4, 2011

Building on the updates launched during the Facebook Developers Conference, Facebook has made a couple of additional announcements this week, timed to NY Advertising Week activities.

While the updates to the newsfeed are initially demonstrating positive results for brands, companies and agencies will have some enhanced tools to track progress moving forward:

  • Updated Insights:  Facebook is updating its “Insights” feature, which is the tool that we currently use to track fan growth, user engagement numbers, and content reach and impact.  The updates will include expanded tracking for user engagement (photo tags, check-ins, shares).  It will also provide expanded metrics on a per-post level — introducing “people talking about” a new metric that is an aggregation of all user actions. (While we’ve been providing some of this data for clients manually, these updates will allow us to access this information quickly and provide simpler analysis).

  • Insights API:  Another element to note is that Facebook is opening up its API related to metrics, which would allow brands and agencies to incorporate these numbers into proprietary dashboards — making tools and applications more customized and measurable.
  • Expandable Ad Unit:  This new type of ad will highlight an advertiser message, expand if a friend “liked” the brand and will allow users to comment on the ad and view other people’s comments.  The new ad unit is based on the belief that ads with recommendations from friends will be more effective than standard display ads and magnify a brand’s reach. A bit more info here.

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