Bob Ireland’s 3 Steps for Cultivating Impactful Employees

by Sharp | August 10, 2017

Bob Ireland, Creative Director and Partner here at Sharp Communications, published, 3 steps for cultivating impactful employees in The Business Journals. Ireland discusses that when employees feel supported and understood in their work environment, the entire company benefits.

Ireland states, “Being in tune with what gets people excited both in and out of the office can create a work culture that doesn’t feel like work at all.” The idea is that when employees are internally motivated and encouraged by a company that fosters their passion points, they do better and work harder. This allows work to feel fun and personalized.


1) Leverage employee passion points

Leveraging employee passion points is about assuring that employees are enjoying what they do. This can be done by aligning their work with their interests, or by providing additional projects – like planning an office party or a service day – that allow them to incorporate their passion points into the workspace.

The benefit for the business, according to Ireland, is that, “Pairing people with categories they already follow closely through everyday activities (e.g., listening to podcasts and following key influencers on Twitter and Instagram) drastically shortens the learning curve before they start contributing insightful ideas that move the needle for clients.”


2) Create sector experts

Once employees are in place, it’s crucial to “give them the tools to become experts in their sector and deliver real strategic value.” Ireland also stressed the importance of utilizing non-traditional ways to enhance industry knowledge – like visiting museums or attending food festivals – to better serve clients.

Additionally, Ireland highlights that “Today’s digital world makes it easy to have the latest industry news delivered to your phone,” which means that through Twitter, newsletters and more, employees can stay up to date on their field 24/7.


3) Empower your experts

Once a manager has emphasized employees’ strengths and helped them feel confident as experts, the last step is to encourage and empower. By doing so, employees will “think big, take big swings, and… trust that there is a net to catch them when things don’t go according to plan.”

In the long run, this strategy is make or break for a company; it’s the “difference between a business that just survives and one that thrives”. While it may seem “like a heavy lift and a big culture change”, Ireland assures that “Keeping your teams engaged and inspired… becomes second nature once it is woven into your organization’s management style.”


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