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Sharp Logo Development: Wyoming Community Foundation

by Sharp | November 10, 2015

Back in late May our creative department took on an unusual but fascinating assignment to re-brand the Wyoming Community Foundation and its three priority funds – The Wyoming Wildlife Fund, The Wyoming Women’s Foundation and The Wyoming Afterschool Alliance.  The challenge at hand was to create four distinct brand identities that would capture the true essence of the brand and the heritage of the state of Wyoming but also have them work seamlessly together as a family of brands.

Our work began with thorough research into the foundation, priority funds, and competitive and regional landscape. We conducted extensive interviews and culled through our conversations about everything from the preservation of wildlife to the importance of empowering women and girls to the future of education.

Wyoming Community Fund Wyoming Community Fund logo development

In developing the brand identity, we knew that we needed to create a consistent structure, we needed to simplify, and we needed to communicate core brand values of connection, community, and legacy.  The identity was recently launched across all organization communication materials, and we couldn’t be more excited to see the vision come to life.

WCF Logo Concepts

The interlocking word mark “WYCF” creates a trusted brand and seal, which nods to connectivity and is immediately recognizable. The visual metaphor of a quilt represents “The Fabric of Wyoming” in a contemporary fashion while including the state’s twenty-three counties.  The color palettes visually represent the earth tones and five elements that are unique to the State. When all blended together, representing each county, the colors work to evoke the warm and caring felling of a quilt that in pioneer fashion is passed on from generation to generation.

From there, the Agency developed icons to represent the priority funds.

The Wyoming Wildlife Foundation is dedicated to preserving and conserving the habitat that supports diverse wildlife and connects the people of Wyoming. It was critical to visually represent the diverse landscape of river valleys, mountains, plains and forests that are universally shared by all wildlife and people.

The Wyoming Women’s Foundation creates lasting partnerships that support economic self-sufficiency and stability to provide change for women and girls.  A powerful visual metaphor was created which utilizes the Wyoming state tree, the Cottonwood as a symbol for resilience, strength and growth.

The Wyoming After School Alliance offers quality programs that support both children and their families across the state.  One of the most effective ways to do so was to utilize a visual metaphor that is uplifting and hopeful while being relevant to the state.  Thus, layers of landscape in the form of plains, hills and mountains were combined to reinforce the proposition of both short and long term positive outcomes.

The different identities have been embraced by all the different stakeholders and expressed across everything from business cards and letterhead to social media and all kinds of licensed merchandise like apparel, stickers, book bags and glassware.  Suffice to say the team made it an interesting exercise along the way right down to the conference calls.

WCF business cardWCF Car Sticker


*Featured image courtesy of Nessa Florencio, Flickr


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