3 Takeaways from PSFK 2016: Ideas That Transform

by Sharp | May 31, 2016

Last week, Public Relations Account Supervisor, Josh Schoenfelder, attended the most recent PSFK Conference. Below is his review of some of the most exciting and transformative ideas presented.

One of the most rewarding aspects of working in marketing is its latitude for creativity-a playground to experiment with ideas and try new things.

I’m continually inspired by category leaders from every vertical, learning how these brands understand their audiences and engage with them in new and thoughtful ways. I’m passionate about staying on top consumer behavior, new and emerging tools, and trends in the media landscape. At Sharp, it’s this excitement and passion that drives our work-whether it’s traditional public relations, social media, branded content, or special events-and helps us create best-in-class campaigns for our clients.

I recently attended PSFK 2016: Ideas that Transform, a conference dedicated to innovations in retail, business, and the consumer environment. The day presented a lineup of speakers doing remarkable work, giving a room of creative types a surge of inspiration to take back to our teams.

Here are 3 of the most impressive takeaways from the day:

1. Gatorade is on a quest to update itself from a sports drink to a “sports fuel.” How? By creating personalized formulas that support the idea that every athlete sweats differently-and thus, there is a need for better (personalized) intelligence for one’s hydration and electrolyte needs. The company is testing a platform called Gx, which helps athletes choose the hydration formula best for them with drink bottles that feature concentrated drink pods and patches that adhere to the athlete to monitor sweat activity. The pods in the bottle respond to a “smart cap,” which electronically evaluates intake, suggests how much one needs to drink, and provides fluid analytics to the team coaches.


2. Casper is noteworthy not only for its model-the company sells mattresses exclusively online to consumers-but also for its brand positioning. The company feels strongly that it is a lifestyle brand, focused more on providing quality sleep (and thus, the provides the benefits of good sleep to life in general) than being an awesome mattress purveyor.

Neil Parikh, co-founder and COO, says “Our brand gets people to ask those more philosophical questions about how sleep impact their life. ‘What if I slept 10 percent better?’ Think about how much more creative you would be, how much smarter you might be, how better your memory would be, how big a personality you would be.”

Supporting this approach, the brand hosted a recent Sleep Symposium and launched Van Winkle’s, an independent publication that writes about sleep.

3. Pirch is truly transforming how today’s consumer shops for kitchen, bath, and outdoor appliances and plumbing fixtures. The retail outlets are all experiential, designed with working vignettes with products that function. The kitchens really cook-the store’s chef will whip up incredible creations that showcase how the powerful BTUs of the stovetop or cooking benefits of the steam oven. The bathing area can be reserved, and the consumer is invited to bring a swimsuit and try out the shower heads or soak in a luxurious tub. The “try it before you buy it” approach enables a real life experience, allowing an emotional connection with the product and unique foresight into how the product both function and feel in the consumer’s home.

Learn more about PSFK at www.psfk.com.


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