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Exclusivity and Customer Experience
December 6th, 2011

How do you keep your customers coming back? As Elizabeth referenced recently, brands are engaged in a continuous process to not only attract new customers, but to retain those acquisitions and build loyalty over time.

Mass consumer brands, like Zappos, have put huge corporate emphasis on ensuring a positive shopping and customer service experience in order to do just that. But for luxury brands that are staking their reputation on delivering the most premium products, the task is sometimes more difficult, and the focus on customer experience and loyalty programs must be even more focused on quality.

In the past month or so I’ve noticed a few stories about luxury brands developing exclusive initiatives for their most loyal customers. Below are a few in particular that caught my attention:

Louis Vuitton Customers

(photo courtesy of Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg)

Private Shopping Experiences

Louis Vuitton invites their most valued customers to shop in a private apartment located above the New Bond Street store in London. Bringing customers to a special place — surrounded by beautiful artwork and catered to by a butler — creates a unique experience for the very best customers to receive one on one attention from a personal stylist. Not only does this provide a “thank you” to loyal customers, but also creates an experience that they will surely tell their friends and family about.


Ferrari VIP Club

(photo courtesy of Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Access to Limited Edition Products

Ferrari recently announced their plans to create a VIP club for customers even more select than the already premier Ferrari Owners’ Club, which as only 13,000 members. The VIP group, which would comprise only about 300 members, would be reserved for customers who own at least 5 these luxury cars. Members would reserve the best opportunities to purchase limited-edition models.


Stella Artois Community

(photo Courtsey of Stella Artois)

Specially Curated Events

Interestingly, Stella Artois, a brand that is looking to be more associated with luxury and high culture, recently launched “La Societe,” a private community, accessible only via password, which provides members opportunities to win hard-to-come-by experiences related to cinema, culture and cuisine. Their introductory video promotes attendance at opening night at Cannes or a curated trip to Belgium. Not bad at all.

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